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The Red Acre Foundation provides support for animal welfare, wildlife protection, and human and animal bond efforts.


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The Red Acre Foundation provides support for animal welfare, wildlife protection, and human and animal bond efforts. This includes spaying/neutering, therapeutic riding, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, equine and canine rescue, humane education, and humane society projects.

Eligible Applicants:

  • 501(c)3 organizations

Eligible States:

  • Maine

  • Massachusetts

  • New Hampshire

  • Vermont

  • Southwestern Colorado


Assistance Type:

  • Special Projects

  • Operating Funds

  • Occasionally Capital Projects


Examples of Funded Projects:

  • Center for Wildlife, Cape Neddick, ME

  • Gerda's Equine Rescue, Townshend VT

  • Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals, Allston MA

  • Buttonwood Zoological Society, New Bedford, MA

  • Medicine Horse Therapeutic Riding Center, Cortez, CO

  • Central New England Equine Rescue, West Brookfield MA

Award Amount:

  • Grants range from $5,000 to $18,000

Program Funding Level:

  • Total giving in 2022: $375,000 for 41 grants


Application Deadline:

  • Varies

Red Acre Foundation Application Form:

  • Required


Application Available Online?:

  • Proposals can be submitted via Google forms here

  • Word doc/Emailed/Snail Mail proposal printout available here




Over a hundred years ago, horsepower was provided by horses. They were instrumental in simple transportation and commerce, bearing humans and goods through the streets of cities and towns everywhere. Policemen responded to crimes on them, and firemen were borne to fires by them. Every aspect of daily life involved horses; they were the engines of our society before motorized engines were common.

Like our modern-day engines, horses were subject to neglect, overwork, abuse, and various breakdowns. They were worked beyond their usefulness, then often repeatedly doctored and sold by unscrupulous dealers until they were so weak and ill that they could not stand.

Harriet Gertrude Bird was born on September 12, 1873 at Red Acre Farm in Stow, Massachusetts. When her father died in 1902, she came into possession of the farm and quickly determined to transform it into a charitable home for horses. Her dream became a reality the next year, when she opened the farm on May 8 with one black horse and $8 in the treasury. She was 29 years old and the rest is history!

To read the full detailed history of Red Acre Farm and it's various transformations within the animal care field, click the button below.



Donations help us provide financial assistance to rescues, shelters and other animal-oriented organizations across New England and Southwestern Colorado. All donations are tax deductible and keep the organization thriving.

We follow a diligent evaluation process to determine the organizations and agencies that are both in the most need and are progressing various areas of animal rescue and rehabilitation.

To donate, please send checks payable to:

Red Acre Foundation

PO Box 278

Stow, MA 01775




Thanks for submitting!




Helen Bird, Executive Director

Red Acre Foundation

PO Box 278

Stow, MA 01775

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